Beautiful tonewoods, balanced harmonic range and a little magic.

The hallmark of Lone Tree Guitars is lightly built, one-of-a-kind instruments that use traditional and exotic tonewoods, often beautifully figured. We shoot for the ultimate playing and listening experience in each and every case. Lone Tree founder and luthier Steve Doreen, lives and works in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC. With a focus on design innovation, great tone and locally sourced tone woods (as available), Steve offers a wide range of models with custom features built to order.

Standard Series

Lone Tree Guitars Standard Series is our base model (but there’s nothing base about it!)

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Elite Series

Our Elite Series takes it up a notch using more exotic woods and appearance.

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Westcoast Series

The Lone Tree Guitars Westcoast series feature the same specs as our Elite Series, but with entirely west coast tonewoods.

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Artist Series

Our Artist Series takes it up a notch with the option of choosing a unique body size and our most exotics tonewoods. The sky’s the limit with this series – we can build whatever your heart and hands desire.

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