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Lone Tree Soprano Guitar

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Lone Tree Soprano Guitar

Soprano Guitar

Introducing the Soprano Guitar.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘Guitalele’, which we think is a horrid term, Lone Tree’s Soprano guitar is a cross between a guitar, a ukulele and some say, tonally, a lute! Our Soprano Guitar is a 6-string, nylon string instrument, with the body size of a baritone ukulele and tuned with the same intervals of a guitar at a 1/5th higher register. In other words, A D G C E A. The sound is like that of a more complete ukulele, using the same chord shapes as played on guitar. These instruments are beautiful sounding and a great cross-over instrument for either a ukulele player who wants more or a guitar player who loves the higher register of the ukulele. The same model series (Standard, Elite, Artist, Westcoast and Mutt) as well as custom extras are available for our Soprano guitars as for our ukuleles.

Available in the following series:

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