The Luthier

Meet Mr. Lone Tree.
Steve Doreen.

Luthier Steve Doreen, founder of Lone Tree Guitars & Ukuleles, lives and works in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island BC. With a focus on design innovation, great tone and locally sourced tone woods (as available), Steve offers a wide range of models with custom features built to order.

Steve Doreen is a carpenter by trade whose passion turned to lutherie a decade ago. Building from his workshop in the woods, you’ll find Steve carving necks, gluing braces and tapping tops day and night, working to bring you an extraordinary playing experience. Steve will build just about anything you want and loves to collaborate on creating one of a kind instruments that completely suit the style, taste and touch of the player. Steve grew up in South Eastern Ontario and is an outdoor enthusiast, whose other passions include hiking, cycling, and making Kombucha. Steve and his partner Chelsea enjoy life in the country with their two rescue cattle dogs.

Steve's Favourite

Sometimes referred to as a ‘Guitalele’, which we think is a horrid term, Lone Tree’s Soprano Guitar is a cross between a guitar, a ukulele and some say, tonally, a lute!

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