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Lone Tree Mutt Series Ukuleles

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Lone Tree Ukuleles

Mutt Series

Lone Tree Ukulele’s Mutt Series has proven extremely popular, with 10% of proceeds from every uke donated to an amazing animal rescue organization, the Victoria Humane Society. The true nature of the Mutt Series is just like a real mutt dog, made up of a variety of ‘genes’ (tonewoods) into a truly original and happy uke! These are collector’s instruments with very few in production.

Features of a Mutt Ukulele:

- Every Mutt uke is unique
- Built with non-matching woods
- Incorporates a paw inlay somewhere on the uke
- Grover open back tuning machines
- 10% of proceeds donated to Victoria Humane Society

Body Types

- Soprano
- Concert
- Tenor
- Baritone

  • starting at
      Gloss body
      Armrest bevel
      California redwood top
      Bear claw spruce top
      Slotted headstock
      Fan fret/ multi scale
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