Why Go Custom?

Is it time for your
dream instrument?

When you can just go to a store and buy an instrument, why would you go the custom route? While there is no one answer, it comes down to getting the instrument that most suits your playing style, your hand, and the tone you’re after.

Instruments in stores are generic — they’re for everybody. A Lone Tree custom instrument is built to exact tastes and standards for you. Ordering a custom-built instrument from Lone Tree is a collaboration between you and the luthier. You play a role in creating a work of musical art in terms of the aesthetics and desired style of the instrument. Are you a fingerstylist? A bluegrass crosspicker? A blues artist? A jazz buff? Different styles of playing demand a unique approach to your custom-built guitar or ukulele. Lone Tree listens.

Steve's Favourite

Sometimes referred to as a ‘Guitalele’, which we think is a horrid term, Lone Tree’s Soprano Guitar is a cross between a guitar, a ukulele and some say, tonally, a lute!

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